EPA Union Statement on Biden’s Proposed Funding Increase for EPA

President Biden today released his proposed FY2022 budget, which includes a $2 billion increase in funding for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). According to The New York Times, the budget includes, “about $110 million just to restore the hundreds of employees who left the agency in recent years.”
In response, Gary Morton, President of AFGE Council 238 — EPA’s largest employees union — released the following statement:
“AFGE Council 238 applauds President Biden for proposing substantial new investment in the EPA that will ensure the agency has the resources and staffing to address the climate challenges of our time. Over the past four years, the EPA has experienced drastic budget cuts and staff reductions that have made it especially challenging for employees to meet the agency’s mission of protecting human health and the environment. With his budget proposal today, however, President Biden is taking a vital step towards restoring the EPA and turning the page on the disastrous Trump era.
“AFGE Council 238 looks forward to working with President Biden and members of Congress to ensure that EPA is fully staffed and has the capacity to effectively fight climate change, enforce environmental regulations, and pursue environmental justice.”