Protecting workers who protect the planet


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EPA employees have committed our careers to protecting human health and the environment. Our fight for a fair workplace is a fight to continue our mission to protect all Americans and preserve the soul of the EPA. The health and future of our country and planet depend on it.

Protecting the health of our country and our planet depends on a fully functioning EPA, where all employees – from climate scientists to pollution analysts, lawyers, and enforcement personnel – are free from political interference to do their jobs.

Support EPA Workers and Spread the Word!

Send a quick message to EPA Administrator Michael Regan, letting him know we need the EPA to take every step to protect the workers that are fighting the climate emergency – then spread the word.

The Workers' Bill of Rights

In our fight for a fair contract, we created the EPA Workers’ Bill of Rights -- a bold new vision for workers demanding the resources and respect we need to protect human health and the environment.

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Find Your Local

AFGE Council 238 is made up of EPA employees across the United States. Together, we’re 14 local unions fighting for the rights of civil servants like us to do our jobs protecting the American people.

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