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These stories show the human impact of the Trump Administration’s disregard for science, human life and the environment.

The Biden administration has entrusted EPA with an enormous task – delivering planet-saving emissions reductions while addressing environmental injustice in our most exploited communities. Our workforce is eager to take this on, but in order to do our jobs effectively we need the agency to address the staffing crisis at EPA by offering competitive wages and benefits to attract and retain a highly skilled and diverse workforce. Marie Owens Powell, President of AFGE Council 238
If EPA is committed to racial justice and eliminating white supremacy in our offices, we must maintain telework through the end of this pandemic and put safety first, plain and simple. Felicia Chase, AFGE member at EPA Region 5’s Water Division
As EPA workers, we protect human health and the environment every day--and we cannot remain silent. Nicole Cantello from AFGE Local 704

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