EPA Union Statment on Senate Confirmation Hearing for EPA Administrator Nominee Michael Regan

Today, EPA Administrator Nominee Michael Regan testified at his confirmation hearing before the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee. In response, Gary Morton, President of AFGE Council 238 — EPA’s largest employees union — released the following statement:
“After four years of attacks and hostility from the Trump administration, it was a breath of fresh air to hear EPA Administrator Nominee Regan talk about the Biden administration’s bold vision for the EPA at today’s hearing. 
“If confirmed, it’s clear that Regan would be committed to the EPA’s mission of protecting human health and the environment, and would once again put science at the forefront of decision making. He clearly understands that EPA can and must play a key role in combating climate change and pursuing environmental justice, and is ready to take on big challenges facing our environment and our planet.
“Make no mistake, though: Regan must prioritize building trust with EPA employees who were demeaned and whose expertise devalued under the Trump administration. While it was encouraging today to hear Regan emphasize his commitment to supporting EPA staff, workers must see actions that will allow them to do their jobs to the best of their ability. In particular, the assessment that Regan referenced in today’s hearing will be an important starting point to evaluate the damage that has been done over the past four years, and chart a new path forward.
“We are excited for a new day at EPA, and look forward to Michael Regan’s confirmation as EPA Administrator.”