Press Release: Largest EPA Union Endorses Joe Biden For President

‘A Second Trump Term Would be Catastrophic’ 


Urgency of Climate Crisis, Trump’s Attacks on Science, Workers Lead 8,000-Member AFGE-Council 238 to Make First-Ever Political Endorsement 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Citing the urgent need for action in an unprecedented climate emergency, the attacks on science and the federal workforce during Donald Trump’s presidency, and President Joe Biden’s strong record fighting climate change and supporting workers, the largest Union representing Environmental Protection Agency workers announced Tuesday it has endorsed President Biden for reelection–the Union’s first-ever political endorsement. 

The endorsement from AFGE Council 238, which represents over 8,000 engineers, lawyers and inspectors, among others at the EPA, follows the implementation of the Union’s historic new contract, which included a groundbreaking scientific integrity article, and comes amidst growing concern around the impact of a second Trump presidency during an escalating climate emergency. 

The endorsement comes at a crucial time for EPA workers, who are on the frontlines of the fight against climate change. Last summer was the hottest on record, underscoring the dire need for a strong workforce that has the resources and protections to combat climate change, address natural disasters, and support affected communities. With former President Trump–who attacked science and gutted the EPA during his presidency–campaigning for a second term with promises to do the same and more, Council 238 members voted overwhelmingly to make their first-ever political endorsement. 

The Union will soon launch an education campaign to mobilize its 8,000 members to help get out the vote for President Biden.  The endorsement follows AFGE National’s endorsement of President Biden last year.

AFGE Council 238 President Marie Owens Powell issued the following statement:

“AFGE Council 238 is proud to issue its first-ever political endorsement to President Joe Biden, a leader who supports and values the work of federal employees who are working tirelessly to face the climate emergency. The Biden Administration helped revive the civil service following years of attacks under theTrump administration, and allowed our Agency to recover so that we can execute on our mission to protect human health and the environment.

“President Biden’s commitment to combating the climate crisis is what the country, and the planet, needs. We cannot risk having a president who denies climate change, attacks science and curtails efforts to find solutions to protect our communities from disaster. Donald Trump’s dangerous rhetoric around climate change, and his comments signaling his intent to gut environmental agencies, tells us that a second term would be catastrophic. We cannot roll back the clock and risk any of the crucial progress we have made towards combating climate change, nor can we allow another all-out assault on science.

“While our new contract protects EPA workers from political interference, helping to ensure we will be able to continue our work protecting human health and the environment, regardless of who is in the oval office, we face a climate emergency that requires a president who will lead the way, not get in the way. President Biden is that leader.

“Over the past four years President Biden has shown up for us, so we are going to show up for him in November. Our members know we are at a crucial moment for our planet, and that the outcome of this election will have serious consequences. We vow to do all we can to make sure a champion of the environment and workers, is leading the way for the next four years. ”