STMT: EPA Union President Responds to 10% Budget Cut for Agency

In response to the news that federal lawmakers have agreed to a fiscal plan where EPA’s budget will be cut by 10%, Marie Owens Powell, President of AFGE Council 238, the largest EPA union, released the following statement:

“This budget deal will protect polluters and ignore the public health and economic crises posed by climate change and environmental destruction. AFGE Council 238 is grateful Democrats fought to protect EPA jobs as part of this deal, but at a time of climate emergency, the Agency budget should be increased, not slashed. 

“AFGE employees at the agency are responsible for getting out three rules on greenhouse gases before the end of the fiscal year. Texas is experiencing the worst wildfire in its history. Our work is mounting, yet Congress has decided to roll the dice when it comes to protecting the American people in this climate emergency and side with fossil fuel and other heavy-polluting industries. 

“Congress must restore EPA funding in FY 2025 and we will continue to raise our voices to make sure it does.”